Know more about Craps

Know more about Craps

A Casino is a place where one tries their luck at games like Roulette, Poker, Craps and Blackjack. Craps is known to be one of the most complicated of the casino games, which gives many first timers a hard time. But once a person comes to know Craps better, they cannot easily take his mind away from it. The game of Craps has been highly influenced by the French gamblers. To start with, a game of Craps has a boxman and a stickman where both have very straight forward duties. The stickman has the responsibility of controlling the dice, whereas the boxman is supposed to look after the players, chips and bets.

The game of Craps has two dice and the player (called a shooter) throws both and the bet is only considered if the dice hit the opposite side of the short end of the Craps table. In order to win the bet, the shooter is supposed to throw any of the numbers (apart from 2, 3 and 12) followed by a 7, but looses the bet if he gets the mentioned numbers. The game is highly dependant on the way the dice are rolled, so the game of Craps is also a game of luck where one can win only by putting in the bets that give the best odds of winning the bet. Strategy plays a huge role in a game of Craps, and so one should practice a lot as the game doesn’t even need much equipment.

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